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The Hampton family profile is currently being #mapdated from West to East and upon reaching the open shores of the orient; my last name shall be Chin, thus pre-placing the next generation's geneology (Flores/Jackson) on an impending taxonomic trajectory to Thailand. 露西让


First Name: Laura Jean

Surname: Hampton

Immigration/ Emigration (Migratory Name): Lucy Jean

Legal Names Used
1. Laura Jean Hampton
2. Lucy Jean Aylmer, Maria 
3. Rebecca, Rachel, Stephanie
4. Lauren Michaels
5. Jean Crane/ Jean Craine
6. Gene Tierney<
8. Ananda Lewis/ Luananda=Katryananda

User Name:

Neighborhood, Local/ Village or Municipal Name:

Date of Birth: 4/1/73
Place of Birth: Luxemburg (2), Belgium (1)
Siblings: 2
Names: Withheld
Birthday: 7/18/69 (1) Withheld (2)
Citizenship: Documented US/UK/Israel
Self Citizenship: Undocumented
Reason for request: See Above
Alternate Reason: Victim of Identity Theft ie New Identity
Race: Check all that apply, Alaska Native, Asian, Hispanic, other or Transnational Identity (otherwise, known as)
.0025 Swedish, .0025 Chinese, .0025 Spanish and .0025 TBA
Persioniage or Affinity: Transnational Identity
13 Nation Tribe: Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate (ethnicity card)
Employment: Labor spy ie Mata Hari
Biggest US/American failure to date: The war on drugs; George W Bush era, which consequently goverment officials had to wait on an alleged democratic insurgency to test to for US/Cuba relations through the Elian Gonzalez (Clinton administration) media televised horror cover story.

Mother's Name: Tblond, Mamma-Swedish ports to West Lawndale; Chicago, Morsa-Baltic/ Nordic, Mzaa-Swahili, Daya--Kurdish, Majka-Macedonian, Fu-Hungarian
Title: Socialite, grandwizard extraodinaire, scientist and socialite Chicago, LA, NY
Maiden Name: Cox
Relationship Status: Marriaged or Married
Anniversary: 9/3/1988

Illinois Jurisdiction and/or Re-districting: (Finalized August 1, 2019)
Community Policed Organizing: Uk/Europe Constable
18th and California operates by night-Between the near west side or K-town and Pilsen> Southside
26th street (5.0) operates by day-Bridgeport (Distal and or region specified under Lawrence County aka Cook County mandate)
Signal: left headlight flash
Morsa's Birthday
Birthday: 9/22/1963

Additonal Identifyers
Number in Household: Currently 2
Eye Color: Gray<Blue
y区r Colir:Blond
Height: UK 1.78 Meters
Religion: Taoism vs Daoism or Buddhist Hindu ie Buddhism in India with Tibetan Mountain as the pinnacle.
Alternate faith: Jewish, Lipschitz continuity caused to the collective unit due to a trauma such as stroke or seizure ie schools of Gnosticism.
The Human Genome is defined by: Sequence, frequency, generational timeline and possibly location? (4fold)
Shoe size: Europe 36, UK 6
Genetic Markers: Opposible/prehensile thumbs ie hypermobility, Elhers/Ehlers Danos (ll=y, then y is silent; Spanish) and an englarged forehead verses a sloping forehead see "The Mismeasurement of Man" by Stephen J. Gould.

Acknowledged Modern Day Tinseltown Profiles
1. Di Antwood (Aya Bambi cover)
2. Kena Moss (ShaKenya, Djenne cover)
3. Agnes McQueen (Aunt Tilda cover)

Gay Legacy Coupling:
Isolde and Tristan

Official Movie Character:
Kim Soon Young

Tibetan Spirit Guide: Yeti
Nomenclature: Australopithecus

Monk Name: Ananda Lewis or Ananda= Katryananda (rollback)
Secondary: Luananada
Tiertiary: Yama

Piercings: Septum, single ear, right cartillage
Tribal Body Art: face, left wrist
Prominent Birth Marks: left anti-lateral or femur foci (pale shade), right bottom foot (shaped like a beauty mark that would've otherwise been placed on the face.)

Childhood Scars: left knee (in the shape of what once was a #6 or upside down #9), which turned brilliant purple aquired at Chase House/ Lawrence and Armor able to port to Skinner Park, right inner meniscus knee where Edward Lucas rode me on a bike; instead of "Shale" Williams where Sunflowers were normally positioned in the basket, not to mentioned the cigar alleged accidental burn by Henry Rhodes surrounde by a slice of watermelon.

Duality Studies:
Lyra, Violet, Brooke Candy, Roisin Murphy
Quavenjenae, Tatiana Ali, Gabourey Sidibe, Minnie Driver,
Aya Bambi, MIA for Paper Airplanes
Gal Gaddot for Wonder Woman
Scarlet Johanssen for Lucy
Natalie Portman for Queen Amadala
Daryl Hannah for King Kong-The Charleston Heston version
I Love Lucy
Joanne Crawford

Lucy's Sublebrity Heading:
Queen of Comedy

Academy Awards: Joanne Crawford, Lucy Jean Chin

Porn Star Names:
1. Vanessa Del Rio
2. Jenna Jameson

Best Characterized:
Brokeback Mountain
Upstaged by:
My Life as a Man 

America's Next Transsexual Sweetheart:
Candace Cayne

Cello, Violin, Harp

Circus oriented ie Aquaticbearing

First Appearance:
10 Commandments

Actress: Bithia, Babette, Ninevah, Thathina, Bernistine/ Bernadine

Race: Not Black or African-American
 *words are interchangeable ie can be used injunctively otherwise; see appendage notes>Blog

Sports: Javelin Throwing, Horseback Riding, Fencing, Disc Hurdling, Archery

Keywords: Pass the Torch

Weapon: You pick


Movie Midis

Movie Lines:
What's my line, Drew?
I don't know, I don't know


Issued: Illinois. Land of Lincoln 1818. America
3. DOB: 4/1/1973
4a. ISS: 8/UNKNOWN/2019
4b. EXP: 4/1/2023


Blood Type: RH Factor| Medical Information/ Living Will: Walrus Area
Class: Single Veh GVWR 16000 or Less Except Cycles
Endorsements: The Chicago Dressed Horseman Inc. LLC
Restrictions: None

The Monks:
Legal adoption tentatively named Rebecca/ Aldi/ Zoo Navy Seal
Nico aka Neko the cat Ricca TBA
Rammsha: TBL
Raamsa, Raamsan, Achilles, Ransom, Benaissa TBA>>Hebrew definition entered 7/20/19@06:44 (Adult name=Moses> Samson)
Omar S: 13 Tribes Hidden
Jillian (same as my sister Ricki): internal family adoption ie estranged
Paris TBU ie love child (Birthday: 4/3/1998)